Sunday, 10 October 2010

I Give You, Rick Day...

RICK DAY [Fashion Photograher]

Rick Day is a New York based fashion photographer. He is known for shaping portfolios of many agency represented male models. Most, if not all of his images dominate the blogosphere. He also released an incredibly sucessful coffee table book called "Players".
In October 2010 Rick is set to release a new book called Pioneers. Rick Day loves to play with the expectations of the contemplator. Superficially it’s all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in chunky rugby wear, tight trunks or simply naked. But Rick is not just taking pictures of masculine sex appeal. His work impresses with an almost corporeal tension. An interaction of straightforwardness and intimacy keeps on questioning: Who is the subject and who is the object?
When talking about his new book Rick Day said this - "I wanted to blur the lines of sexuality with this project. Men and women should be able to turn the pages and lose themselves in beauty and lust"

Rick Day was self taught photography and has worked his way up to be a household name in the fashion industry. Most people would have never heard of him, but those who do know him for his eccentric photography. He moved to New York City in 1994. His work has been published in numerous publications such as Elle, Details, Teen Vogue and GQ. He has shot advertising campaigns for Gap, Ritani and Rufskin. He spends his time in the East Village with his dogs Mila and Luna, when he is not travelling  from always shooting the hottest faces in the industry. In a generation where beauty is obsession and sex is a product, he seems to have flawlessly "cataloged the world's sexiest exhibitionists", in their most intimate moments; as you can see from the photo's above.

If being controversial is the means that you stand out, then it is good to be different.

Matthew Evangelisti

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