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I want to sell myself...


Advertising photography is one of the photography careers that spreads across most other photography careers such as fashion, event photography, portraits, documentary and so on. An advertising photographer actually takes shots for advertising campaigns. To do this career you must have excellent knowledge of lighting, photography and how to work with Adobe Photoshop or other similar photography programs. In todays industry it is best to have knowledge of photoshop as in advertsing most images are digital and imperfections are removed, while little tweaks and influences are bolstered in each photograph, so that every print ad or poster is at professional standard. The high-end advertising photography jobs are incredibly lucrative and coveted and it takes a long while to get there, shooting as many smaller advertising campaigns and putting together a great portfolio of work. It is most important to make sure the client is always happy at the end of each shoot and that they got exactly what they wanted. If wanting to pursue a career in advertising photography it is best to start off with something small, to work up to the big leagues.

Sean Malyon - Editorial, Fashion, Commercial and Portrait Photographer

David Bishop - Food and Still Life Photographer
Trainning for an advertising photography has no set qualifications to pursure this type of career. To advance in the industry it is based largely on portfolio, track record and reputation. To create a good reputation with employers, the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) offered by the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) is a good way to go if consider getting a job as an advertsing photographer. In terms of salary:

According to Photo District News' "Photographer's Salary Survey," published in June 2006, the median salary for a self-employed advertising photographer was about $100,000; which is about £62,624.46

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